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Health Care

The SHOAMP Health Care Scheme provides treatment and counselling for eligible personnel who were involved in F-111 deseal/reseal and fuel tank maintenance work.  The SHOAMP Health Care Scheme also provides counselling for family members of Group 1 participants, and other personnel employed at RAAF Base Amberley at the time of the F-111 deseal/reseal programs.

Photo of F-111 strike aircraft
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The Better Health Program provides health screening and health information for F‑111 deseal/reseal and fuel tank maintenance workers.

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Respite Care is designed to provide relief for a carer who has the responsibility for a person requiring ongoing care, attention or support; it may be used in times of unavailability of the carer, for any reason.

Counselling Services. Mr Matthew McGuinness is the F-111 Project Officer coordinating F-111 specific counselling services through VVCS. Matthew has worked with VVCS for a number of years as a clinical counsellor and in leadership roles. He is coordinating the delivery of group counselling services for former F-111 fuel tank maintenance workers and their families. Rollout of F-111 specific programs continues, with residential Lifestyle courses to be scheduled in 2013.

All VVCS counselling services are available to eligible F-111 fuel tank maintenance workers and family members.  These services include: counselling for individuals, couples and families to address a range of service-related issues; group programs, including management of anxiety, depression, anger and sleep; residential Lifestyle programs, and a range of other group programs. For further information on VVCS services, please contact your nearest VVCS centre on 1800 011 046.

You can  also refer to the VVCS website

Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service - Call 24 hours 1800 011 046

SHOAMP Health Care Scheme

The SHOAMP Health Care Scheme provides for the cost of health care and counselling, including access to programs run by the VVCS - Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service for personnel who worked in the F-111 fuel tank maintenance and directly related activities. 

In May 2010 there were changes to the eligibility requirements for the SHOAMP Health Care Scheme. The scheme, which had closed in 2005, openned for new registrations and treatment of specific conditions. (This includes the scheme being re-opened to those who may have lodged compensation claims for their condition after the 20 September 2005 cut-off date, and who may be eligible for reimbursement of health care treatment costs incurred in the interim.)

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Better Health Program

The Better Health Program provides F-111 deseal/reseal and fuel tank maintenance workers with access to:

  • Cancer Screening – provides early detection for colorectal cancer and melanoma; and
  • Health Information and Disease Prevention – promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing information on health conditions, including erectile dysfunction, depression and anxiety.

Leaflet for doctors and other health care providers - treating F-111 clients

The SHOAMP Health Care Scheme provides treatment and counselling services for workers who were involved in the fuel tank maintenance of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F-111 aircraft. The information leaflet, below, provides an overview and background information on the F-111 deseal/reseal fuel tank maintenance programs and DVA's SHOAMP Health Care Scheme.

See Information for health care treatment providers (PDF 71 Kb) (RTF 79 Kb)

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Counselling Services

The Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) provides free and confidential, nation-wide counselling and support for war and service-related mental health conditions, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance and anger. Support is also available for relationship and family matters that can arise due to the unique nature of military service.

VVCS counsellors have an understanding of military culture and can work with clients to find effective solutions for improved mental health and wellbeing.

VVCS provides the following services:

  • individual, couple and family counselling and support for those with more complex needs;
  • services to enhance family functioning and parenting;
  • after-hours crisis telephone counselling through Veterans Line (1800 011 046);
  • group programs to develop skills and enhance support;
  • information, education and self-help resources;
  • referrals to other services or specialist treatment programs.

For help, to learn more, or to check eligibility for VVCS services, call 1800 011 046 or visit the VVCS website

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