F-111 Fuel Tank Maintenance website - Information for F-111 fuel tank workers and their families

On 30th April 2015, Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Geoff Brown, released the long-awaited Jet Fuel Exposure Syndrome (JFES) Study Report. More information about the report is available on the Inquiries and Studies page or on the Air Force website.

In 2009 a Parliamentary Inquiry examined the health and compensation issues surrounding F-111 deseal/reseal workers and their families, and other F-111 fuel tank maintenance workers, with particular reference to the unique fuselage repair work undertaken and the health risks involved. 

The Inquiry took evidence and histories from the workers themselves.  It also reviewed scientific and health studies to date, and considered the Department of Defence and the Department of Veterans' Affairs services and support provided to affected workers – compensation payments; health care schemes; ex-gratia payments.

The Parliamentary Inquiry report included a number of recommendations and in the May 2010 Budget the Government announced the measures funded in the Budget in response to the Inquiry report. Government accepted 14 of 18 recommendations. Both departments have worked steadily since 2010 to implement those 14 recommendations. Four DVA progress reports - June 2012 (PDF 130 KB) (RTF 149 KB) October 2011 (PDF 70 KB) (RTF 195 KB) June 2011 (PDF 72 KB) (RTF 152 KB) and the earlier November 2010 Report Card (PDF 121 KB) (RTF 80 KB)- outline implementation.

This website, jointly hosted by the departments of Veterans’ Affairs and Defence is part of that response.  The site provides information for affected workers and their families and representatives. 

What's New shows the main elements of the Government Response to the Parliamentary Inquiry that have been announced in the Budget.

The site also outlines the history of F-111 fuel tank maintenance in Australia, and the issues for deseal/reseal and other fuel tank maintenance workers. 

You will find:

  • information on scientific and health studies to date;
  • details of the Government health care and compensation schemes currently available to those affected;
  • guidance for affected workers, or those who may consider themselves as potentially affected, on how to apply for Tier status and how to then make a claim for compensation, health care or ex-gratia payments.
F-111 strike aircraft
Image courtesy of the RAAF